Sunday, March 14, 2010

Passing The Time

Insert Boredom here________! Hey when your trying to kill a couple months time, you get preeeeeetty bored so I figured I'd do something productive with my time. That little video is what i came up with! There's supposed to be sound but it only works half the time... anyways I started working on my second vlog since my first one was TERRIBLE . I've got a much better idea of where I want to go with my vlogs so this next one won't disappoint(I hope) It'll more than likely focus on my TOP 5 preferred work locations, some shout outs(maybe) and a whole bunch of stuff. so STAY TUNED.

Recently, I've also put a lot of thought into going to character auditions! My only fear is that I may be too tall for any major role(6'2 here) maybe i'll just go for fun? Not sure on that yet but it seems like it would sure be a swell time! ;)

Also I want to thank those of you for actually using my Formspring for whats is really for. I've been getting some pretty...interesting... but off topic questions from complete strangers but that's o.k, it still a lot of fun.

Goodday ol' chaps!