Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pre Check In...

Booked my resort that i'll be staying in for 3 days before my check in date and I cannot be more excited!

Heres the Website if anyone wants to check it OUT!

Its Going to be one of the coolest places to stay..i mean they have shuffleboard courts..Thats how you know its high class. No but seriously, just looking at these pictures makes it that much more real to me. I still sometimes sit in class and think to myself that this all just a dream or something that will never happen for me. The closer and closer the date gets, the more it sets in that.."Holy s*it. Im REALLY going to Disney World. and im gunna live their?"...Two thumbs up

If I learn anything from this experience, hopefully its the fact that one day, I can learn to play shuffleboard professionally. Also, the fact that I can finally do a Vlog from a hammock. This will make the 20 hours drive worth it!

Ill be down in Orlando by May 15th, and my check in date is the 19th so If anyone wants to plan a little get together in sure you can come hang with me at my condo.. just let me know!

Until next time!,