Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3hree Days!!

In three days, Ill be leaving this little place...

In three days, Ill be leaving to Orlando, Florida, and DISNEY WORLD.

Before I begin, I wana get this straight. Some one from Michigan, Is called a MICHIGANDER. See, you learn something new everyday.

I cant believe how hard packing clothes for florida really is. Im struggling with what to keep here and what to bring, and stuffing these clothes into little tiny bags is like trying to put a puzzle together. Somehow, Ill figure it out.

Anyways, Once I arrive, ill have about 4 days before check in to do what I want, and trust me, Disney is on the list for Day 2.

Not sure what ride ill go on first..

anyways havent blogged in awhile so i thought id share something at least..

Until next time,


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pre Check In...

Booked my resort that i'll be staying in for 3 days before my check in date and I cannot be more excited!

Heres the Website if anyone wants to check it OUT!


Its Going to be one of the coolest places to stay..i mean they have shuffleboard courts..Thats how you know its high class. No but seriously, just looking at these pictures makes it that much more real to me. I still sometimes sit in class and think to myself that this all just a dream or something that will never happen for me. The closer and closer the date gets, the more it sets in that.."Holy s*it. Im REALLY going to Disney World. and im gunna live their?"...Two thumbs up

If I learn anything from this experience, hopefully its the fact that one day, I can learn to play shuffleboard professionally. Also, the fact that I can finally do a Vlog from a hammock. This will make the 20 hours drive worth it!

Ill be down in Orlando by May 15th, and my check in date is the 19th so If anyone wants to plan a little get together in sure you can come hang with me at my condo.. just let me know!

Until next time!,

Friday, March 19, 2010

The (Unofficial) Top *Seven* Disney Movies List

I know seven is a weird number, but 5 wasnt doing my favs justice and 10 is kinda over kill. So seven it is! and heeeeeere they are:

#1 Hook

If you couldn't tell by now, Hook is my number one favorite Disney movie, of all time. Its got Robin Williams in his prime and whole concept of the movie just appeals to pretty much everyone. 'Cause who really wants to ever grow up? :) BANG A RANG!


UP! This movie was SO much more than I thought it would be. I figured another cheesy cartoon turned 3D movie, but I was wrong. The storyline was intriguing as any and lets all be honest, Kevin is too cool. And who just has that many balloons? A must have for any notable DVD collection of course.

#3 Alice in Wonderland(2010)

DOwn WitH the BloOdy ReD QUeeN! Hard to beat a film by Tim Burton. This movie was AMAZINGLY cool. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest you do. If this were my island, I would vote you out in a heartbeat for not seeing this movie. Storyline was rushed a little but it makes up for it with reaaaally great special effects and the way Cheshire disappears and reappears adds a cool new dimension if you happen to watch it in 3D. It's a must see, ASAP.

#4 The Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy

Of course! This whole movie series was absolutely mindbogglingly confusingly awesome. Jack Sparrow is now almost every ones pirate of choice for halloween, pirate..parties?....maybe? and just about everything pirate like. But hey I cant blame people. Hes one cool cat. With rumors of a fourth P.O.T.C in the making, something about the fountain of youth, its seems like they might rew-eeend(stewies voice) my trilogy. But oh well.

#5 Aladdin

Yes I know what your thinking...can this list get any cooler? Aladdin is one of those classic Disney movies that just never seems to get old, no matter how many times you watch it. The catchy song, which by this time you are all singing in your head, really sticks to you. Ive had it stuck in my head for the past 2 weeks... A WHOLE NEEEWWW WOOORRLD!!

#6 The Fox and the Hound

I know I know. There are much better films out their. But nothing compares to friendship between foxs and hounds. Thats like peanut butter and jelly! and i can honestly say that the last time I watched this was the first time i cryed during a movie(it was yesterday) jkjk but really this will always be special to me.

#7 A Goofy Movie

Max is one crazy dog..person. (with some sweet dance moves to boot) This one is one of my favorite movies because its one everyone(me( can relate too. Goofy kid trying to get the girl. Am I right or am I right? Not to mention Goofy is one funny guy haha. Even to this day I cant help but crack up every time I see this movie. So this is why it rounds off my top 7.

SO there you have it. Judge them how you will, but hey these are my favorite, so get your own!

Until next time,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Passing The Time

Insert Boredom here________! Hey when your trying to kill a couple months time, you get preeeeeetty bored so I figured I'd do something productive with my time. That little video is what i came up with! There's supposed to be sound but it only works half the time... anyways I started working on my second vlog since my first one was TERRIBLE . I've got a much better idea of where I want to go with my vlogs so this next one won't disappoint(I hope) It'll more than likely focus on my TOP 5 preferred work locations, some shout outs(maybe) and a whole bunch of stuff. so STAY TUNED.

Recently, I've also put a lot of thought into going to character auditions! My only fear is that I may be too tall for any major role(6'2 here)..so maybe i'll just go for fun? Not sure on that yet but it seems like it would sure be a swell time! ;)

Also I want to thank those of you for actually using my Formspring for whats is really for. I've been getting some pretty...interesting... but off topic questions from complete strangers but that's o.k, it still a lot of fun.

Goodday ol' chaps!

Friday, March 12, 2010

HP Theme Park?

Yes please.

SUPER excited about this theme park opening up, after being a long time fan. Possibly thinking about getting a season pass to Universal Studios, if only for this park. I'm damn near obsessed with H.P. Sad? a little...ok maybe alot considering im almost 20....but anyways im still going. Cause thats how I roll ;p

and anyways im sure i'll find hundreds of other people.."like me" once I finally get to Florida, so ill just blend in with "my people" and no one will know the difference..right? Also, against the wishes of everyone who cares about me, i decided i am going sky diving while in Florida. Anyone else who cares to join me just send me a message on facebook or comment on here. itll be lots of fuuuuun. Also i got a Formspring now! so dont be afraid to drop me a question!


Until next time,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

awww maaan

Got my check in date changed by Disney for some really weird reason..weirdest thing to ever happen to by far but hey, ill roll with it. It was supposed to be the 24th but for some reason Disney emailed me and told me that they switched it to the 19th..Can they do that? yes..yes they can. I guess it all works out cause I get to go to Disney 5 days earlier :D.

Also im looking for something fun and or creative to add to my supppper boring yet new blog. This is my first ever soooo help? Ive only been to Disneyworld twice and both times I was really young and dont remember much :( Sad but true. Basically, im looking for something fun. Anything.

And, I think I finally decided where I want to live! *drumroll please*
Chatham! It seems everyone whos anyone is living their. So ill take it.

So on that note, i have to start my roommate search...again :(
Ill sure miss my Power Rangers. Dont worry we can still rock the shirts though.

Anyways shoot me those ideas asap.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OH snaps.

Hey everyone just thought i'd get the ball rollin on this blog ive been putting off for weeks! so here we go:

Today, I have about 2 more months to wait until I finally arrive in Walt Disney World for my first ever college program. Whats that you ask? A: Awesomeness. Peer Awesomeness. Living, breathing,eating and working in WALT DISNEY WORLD. Not much better.

For 7 months. Buuuut im sure all of you reading this already know this. SO:
I was accepted into the program for Quick Service Food & Beverage. After I looked more into it, I really don't mind the job. Its go,go,go,go! hey...it works for me. I'll be arriving on the 19th of May in Florida, but wont be checking in until the 24th. Not sure we're ill be living yet but once I figure it out, you all will be sure to know. My ultimate goal, is to use this AMAZING opportunity as a stepping stone towards my dream job of becoming an Imagineer. And boy, would that be a dream come true.

As of right now, Im trying to work in a vlog as well, but i cant figure out how to get my words to catch up to my picture, but once I do, Ill be sure to shamelessly plug myself into the WDWCP Facebook page!

So keep an eye out for that and anything future blog post.
Good luck to everyone applying and for those already accepted, See ya their!