Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OH snaps.

Hey everyone just thought i'd get the ball rollin on this blog ive been putting off for weeks! so here we go:

Today, I have about 2 more months to wait until I finally arrive in Walt Disney World for my first ever college program. Whats that you ask? A: Awesomeness. Peer Awesomeness. Living, breathing,eating and working in WALT DISNEY WORLD. Not much better.

For 7 months. Buuuut im sure all of you reading this already know this. SO:
I was accepted into the program for Quick Service Food & Beverage. After I looked more into it, I really don't mind the job. Its go,go,go,go! works for me. I'll be arriving on the 19th of May in Florida, but wont be checking in until the 24th. Not sure we're ill be living yet but once I figure it out, you all will be sure to know. My ultimate goal, is to use this AMAZING opportunity as a stepping stone towards my dream job of becoming an Imagineer. And boy, would that be a dream come true.

As of right now, Im trying to work in a vlog as well, but i cant figure out how to get my words to catch up to my picture, but once I do, Ill be sure to shamelessly plug myself into the WDWCP Facebook page!

So keep an eye out for that and anything future blog post.
Good luck to everyone applying and for those already accepted, See ya their!


John W. said...

"But Peter, how do we get to Neverland?"

Abigail Nora said...

yay for blogging!

jmaleport8 said...

@john: ha..just believe! something along the lines of magic? haha. well ill be driving their..with this *magic* called gasoline!

@abby: haha i know i cant believe it took me this long. but ill need help on the editing bit..shoot me some websites? :)