Thursday, March 11, 2010

awww maaan

Got my check in date changed by Disney for some really weird reason..weirdest thing to ever happen to by far but hey, ill roll with it. It was supposed to be the 24th but for some reason Disney emailed me and told me that they switched it to the 19th..Can they do that? yes..yes they can. I guess it all works out cause I get to go to Disney 5 days earlier :D.

Also im looking for something fun and or creative to add to my supppper boring yet new blog. This is my first ever soooo help? Ive only been to Disneyworld twice and both times I was really young and dont remember much :( Sad but true. Basically, im looking for something fun. Anything.

And, I think I finally decided where I want to live! *drumroll please*
Chatham! It seems everyone whos anyone is living their. So ill take it.

So on that note, i have to start my roommate search...again :(
Ill sure miss my Power Rangers. Dont worry we can still rock the shirts though.

Anyways shoot me those ideas asap.